The writer is a Business Development Executive with OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd and is constantly looking for new ways to develop the company’s products and its branding. She’s also involved in creating OLS’market presence locally and internationally.
She likes taking lots of pictures of everything at work, and writing about them, at work and out of work. She likes meeting people from the industry and talking about their latest projects and investments and also loves to hear stories from all other walks of life.

She’ll be happy to hear from you if you have any enquiries about upholstering your office, home, studio, karaoke room, classroom, lobby, conference rooms, etc.. you get the drift. You can contact her at:
(65) 6861 5253 ext 226

OLS Manufacturing Co. Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated (1973) company and controls the following subsidaries:

VI-SON Acoustics
Zone Master